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Dave and Vicky do a great job with their puppies! They set us up with our dog and followed up with us afterwards to make sure training our puppy was going well. Top of the line puppies! We love ours! They make great family dogs!

Jason Houghtelling

Hands down the best lab we’ve ever got!! Best family dog and best friend to my little girl! We love our Collins SO much!

Hannah Uecker

My white lab is just over a year now. Best dog I could ask for!!

Bryan Stroyek

We have 3 of the Luke’s Labs LOVE! Love! LOVE.

Sabrina Nielsen

These are great dogs you won’t find one better!

Jim Livingston

Anyone who gets one of Lukes puppies will not be disappointed! We have one and he’s not a year old and he’s a great dog! Loves loves loves the water. We took him to the river and a girl got too far away from bank and he went out to her and she grabbed his collar and he took her to the bank.. very smart🤗

Jamie North

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