Our girls


Luke’s White Mya is a beautiful 1-year old white Labrador retriever. Mya is currently in training for hunting. She has a passionate drive for retrieving, is intelligent, well-mannered and is calm and friendly. She gets along well with other animals, people and loves children. Mya is an all-around great dog.

Mya and Ruger will have beautiful babies in the future!

Mia_Love More Pink.jpeg


Luke's Lady Remmi is a smaller framed dog who is well muscled and very athletic. She has a ton of drive and can hunt all weekend. When she comes in the house she is calm and sweet.

Remmi weighs approximately 60 pounds.



Miss Maisie Mae Luke is very intelligent with a loving and calm disposition. She has great hunting instincts, loves to retrieve and has a strong desire to please.

Maisie weighs approximately 60 pounds.



Our girls


Luke’s White Lady Tiek is a 1-year old white Labrador retriever. Tiek is intelligent, well-mannered, and has a calm and friendly disposition. She is currently in training for hunting showing a drive for retrieving. She has a great desire to please and loves to be with you.

We are excited for future puppies from Tiek!